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A Mythos Anthology Edited by Mike Jansen
Foreword by Robert M. Price 

243 PAGES 

Entrails don’t lie…

Despite climate doom, nuclear threats, deadly pandemics, a polarizing world, the coming ice age, grey nano goop, the giant meteor that will end everything and another thousand-and-one daily issues, the inhabitants of the Low Countries remain sober and composed, stoic even. For they realize that the Great Old Ones will one day rise from the sea to reclaim their rightful place as rulers of the universe. Then, and only then, there is real reason to worry. Provided you are still alive and sane…

Bone chilling tales from the top story tellers of Dutch science fiction, fantasy and horror.

This anthology contains Lovecraftian stories by: Tais Teng, Jaap Boekestein, Boukje Balder, Adriaan van Garde, Jack Schlimazlnik, Mike Jansen, Dick van der Bij, Johan Klein Haneveld, Frank Roger, Peter Kaptein, Mark J. Ruyffelaert, Abram Hertroys, Jan J.B. Kuipers, Maarten Luikhoven, Roderick Leeuwenhart and three Holland inspired stories by H.P. Lovecraft.

• Dutch Treat. Foreword by Robert M. Price
• Dutch Darkness Rising. Introduction by Mike Jansen
• A Perfect Day With a High Tide Filled With the Screaming Undead. By Tais Teng
• Death and the Carpenter. By Peter Kaptein
• Of the Sea. By Abram Hertroys
• Where We Build Up Cities at the Bottom of the Sea. By Jack Schlimazlnik
• Pole 13. By Dick van der Bij
• The Hound. By H.P. Lovecraft
• Darkness, Darkness, Swallow Me. By Frank Roger
• The Twilight of the Gods. By Mark J. Ruyffelaert
• Master of the Gold. By Roderick Leeuwenhart
• A Man of His Word. By Jan J.B. Kuipers
• The Lurking Fear. By H.P. Lovecraft
• The Allure of the Old Ones. By Jaap Boekestein
• Wind Quartet. By Maarten Luikhoven
• The Cathedral in Transmission Station Kootwijk. By Bo Balder
• The Thing under Woodhick Lodge. By Adriaan van Garde
• The Diary of Alonzo Typer. By H.P. Lovecraft & William Lumley
• Games Night. By Johan Klein Haneveld
• The Genesis Egg. By Mike Jansen

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