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Hamlet famously marveled that humans were “noble in reason,” “infinite in faculty,” but experimental psychologists like Daniel Kahneman and the late Amos Tversky have shown that humans are actually often poor reasoners, easily fooled. The average person tends to have a shaky grasp on logic, to believe a lot of what he (or she) hears unreflectively, and to be overly confident in his (or her) own beliefs.
— Prof. Gary Marcus in the essay Metacognition For Kids

The first edition of this book was published in July 2020, but immediately retracted by the publisher Pulp Hero Press. This because some of the authors in the book had read Dr. Robert M. Price’s introduction and were furious because he there expressed personal opinions about feminist myths and exaggerations. The authors demanded that their stories should be deleted from the volume — and the scared-to-death publisher obeyed in his own way: he retracted the volume and fled from the whole project. Now he works on a new homepage, on which he whimsically states that Pulp Hero Press publish “the most dangerous books on Earth.” Oh, really?

This new edition of FLASHING SWORDS! #6 from Timaios Press contains the same introduction, but extended with even more criticism against feminist myths and the many strange ideas flourishing in the feminist community — and of course things like that must be allowed criticism, exactly as much as we allow criticism of all other political opinions. People who simplemindedly, bigotedly and hatefully yell at other people, smear and harass them because they express such criticism, are not worthy of any intellectual respect. The introduction is a wonderful (and wonderfully funny) essay, and everyone understands perfectly well that this is Bob Price’s personal opinions, not the opinions of the authors in the anthology. In the name of normal, sound tolerance, we chose to publish it.

Here also a reminder of Timaios Press’ policy statement:

No extremism either to the left or right.
No racial, sexual or gender prejudices.
No political correctness and No social justice warriors.
No cancel culture.

If you want to learn rational thinking and live in our common reality (which is the only true reality there exist), you always need to expose yourself for other views and opinions, no matter if you personally find them uncomfortable. If you refuse this, you will remain a child your whole life.

Furthermore, remember that the foundation for a democratic society is tolerance and plurality among opinions. And that we need to be allowed to discuss opinions. Without this, we have no democracy.

— Rickard Berghorn, editor in chief

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